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News from Cuba

Local news from the Cuban region

18. June 2020

Lianne Morales, Havanna

I thank God for his help in the midst of this catastrophic virus that is dominating the world. In Cuba, all our provinces have reported positive cases of the virus. The most critical situation is in Havana, as it is...

1. May 2020

Yuniel Doble Ponce, Matanzas

The creation of isolation centres was one of the measures taken by our government against the Covid 19 pandemic. The aim is to provide the opportunity to isolate people who may have the disease or have had contact with people...

1. May 2020

Miguel Calero Caraballo, Pinar del Río

Here the situation is terrible, we practically survive on bread and water, but we trust in God.

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CD Album Happy Days Cover

Cuba is full of music

Melodies, rhythms and temperament

They are the melodies of untamed joy of people who often still living and believing under difficult conditions. But Cuba is changing and experiencing the "Cambio", a time of change. A small, tender Cuban gospel scene is just emerging. It is developing a completely new, inspiring musical style. The 'Coro Gospel de Cuba', the first gospel choir in Cuba, was formed after a Casting in January 2019. the extraordinarily talented young choir members all live in Cuba and come from local churches and communities. Under the leadership of Deborah Woodson (USA and Cologne) it was possible to combine traditional Gospel and to combine own songs with Cuban rhythms and Caribbean temperament.



4. September 2020

Coro cubano

4. September 2020

Cubans bring gospel

The "Coro Gospel de Cuba
is a sensation.

4. September 2020

Cuban gospel choir enchants audience

Rhythm and joy of life...


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